ACM IMX Workshop

EmotionIMX: Considering Emotions
in Multimedia Experience

22nd June 2022 – Aveiro, Portugal

Emotions are fundamental to human experience, as they impact our cognition, perception, and daily tasks (e.g., communication). The ACM Emotion IMX workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from various fields (including, but not limited to, computer science, design, and cognitive science) to discuss challenges in crafting and considering affects and emotions for interactive media experiences from an interdisciplinary perspective.

More specifically, we propose to address the following questions:

  • Why study emotions in a multimedia context? For which applications?
  • How to categorise, describe, analyse, quantify, represent emotions for all forms of media, e.g., television, online media content, VR, AR, MR, XR?
  • How to take into account emotions in the design and evaluation phases of multimedia experiences?
  • What are the recent advances in automated emotion recognition? What are the challenges in their evaluation? How accurate are their categorisations?
  • What are the different ways of dealing with emotions in interactive media experiences?
  • What are the existing and future challenges? What are the limitations?


The EmotionIMX workshop is co-organised by the LS2N, Nantes University, and the Digital Design Lab, Nantes Atlantique Design School; with the support of West Creative Industries, a cluster in the French Pays de la Loire region.

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